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Over the Rainbow (OTR) is a world Zionist movement that seeks to change the gravity center of the Zionist movement towards the Jewish communities in the diaspora. OTR argues that most of world Jewry lives outside the State of Israel, and most do not intend to immigrate to Israel, and therefore the linkage of Jewish communities in the diaspora to Israel and to the Zionist idea must be reinforced and cultivated.


  • OTR also encourages the younger generation to take part in local Zionist leadership, and thus also strengthen their own Jewish identity.

  • OTR emphasizes on Israeli diaspora communities, where most of its leaders come from.

  • OTR promotes pro-Israeli advocacy and works to eradicate modern anti-Semitism in the diaspora.

  • OTR is committed to Tikkun Olam and sees itself a member of the 'model society' that Theodor Herzl visualized. As part of it is involved in Humanitarians projects.

  • OTR reflects a critical approach towards the National Institutions and World Zionist Congress, claiming to lack of transparency and relevance and suggests ways for improvement. 


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